spot removal

Photo Restoration Part 3

With the tones looking a little more even, the next step was to minimise the impact of the damage on the bottom half of the image, along with trying to fix the torn parts (more difficult than anticipated!). 8 Bottom repair before

I finished off getting rid of the marks and blotches using a combination of (mainly) the spot healing brush, and the clone stamp tool. This definitely took a lot of patience, and use of the eraser when I realised I was starting to get some striping! Not such a good look...

7 Bottom fix progress

9 Repair of bottom complete

With this done, the image was really starting to look a lot neater. Now, with the original photo sticking to the glass, and the top half part torn away, it was always going to be a difficult job minimising this damage. The main challenge I found was actually the mismatch of the tones (see future posts for my 'attempts' at trying to fix this!), as getting rid of the actual white tear wasn't too bad.

Before: 10 Tear repair before

After: 11 Tear repair after

I had a feeling that any adjustments I would make after this point would likely bring out more noise in the midtone and highlight areas. So, I took a break from more spot healing and started to tackle the tonal difference between the bottom and top half of the images. This was where my inexperience started to show...More to come.