Photo Restoration Part 1

A while back I was asked if I could take a look at a photo that had seen better days, and see if I could do (literally) anything to get it looking a bit more respectable. Now, I have little experience in photo restoration, or in Photoshop CC (which would be needed for a project like this). However, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to get some experience! So, here we go...

Original image

You can see that the image had stuck to the glass it had been sitting behind, and so couldn't be removed. There was also horrible discolouration, making it an odd yellow-orange colour. Ironically, there was still a lot of detail in the part of the photo stuck to the glass. The image quality of the rest of it, however, was a little less good. (Bear in mind this image was taken in the 1930s!)

So, my first job was to import the scanned images into Photoshop CC, create a new smart layer based on the original background, and then apply a Camera Raw filter. This essentially is a long-winded way of getting up Camera Raw to do initial adjustments on levels, colours, and clarity etc. I bumped the exposure slightly, took down both vibrance and saturation to remove the yellow cast, and left most of the other sliders pretty much near the middle. Going on other people's advice (thank you internet) I didn't want to do too much to the contrast early on and not have anywhere to go.

Camera Raw adjustments

With the image now in PSCC, next step would be to start fixing the damage and spotting. More to come...