Photo Restoration Part 2 by Laura Daly

With the colours looking slightly more normal, the next step in the photo restoration project was to repair some of the damage to the lower half of the photo (the bit actually adhered to the glass). A number of potential pit-falls here; getting rid of the scratches and weird loss of colour, and retaining some of the texture in the jacket. 3 Bottom damage before

Of all the tools in CC, the spot healing brush was amazingly powerful and by far the most useful tool for me. The clone stamp was used a couple of times (mainly for boundaries between jacket and background), but I found myself coming back to the brush. It let me keep as many of the shadows in the creases of the jacket as I could, retaining some texture in the image.

4 Bottom damage after

All in all I think it did a good job; some of the colour differences were bugging me slightly, bit I tried to hide the brush strokes as much as I could by encouraging the brush to sample the right shades! There was still more work to do, but it was definitely looking improved.

The colour cast was still there, and so before continuing with any repairs I added in a colour balance and then a B&W layer to try and even out the tones (much easier to spot tones and bits to repair if EVERYTHING is a shade of grey).

5 Colour balance adjustment

6 Black and white adjustment

Lots done, but still lots to do! The colours were looking a little more even and "standard" for a black and white image. The top of the image (free from the glass) still needed a lot of repair, and the tear to parts of the image needed to be removed. More to come...