Location Scouting - #1 Iceland by Laura Daly


My husband and I are starting to think about where to go this summer break. Inevitably, I am drawn to the more interesting landscapes around the world; luckily my husband supports my endeavours! So, I've decided to talk about some of the possible locations here, as choosing where to go shoot is a common topic for discussion among togs.

#1 - Iceland

I went to Iceland way back in the early 2000s on an A-level Geography trip! It is a beautiful country, full of amazing opportunities for landscape shots.

As the UK is not all that far away from Iceland (from Luton it is only a 3 hour flight), and bearing in mind my recent fascination with all things Scandinavian, this location is high on our list of destinations. There is a lot of inspiration out there about specific locations on the island, and I've included a few of them above.