Happy New Year! by Laura Daly

Just a quick post wishing everyone a happy new year! Mixed year for me, some satisfying photo opportunities, some disappointments when getting some long-awaited images back in the computer! I'm hoping to complete a "review" of sorts of the images I have captured in the last year, which I will publish in the next few days. I always find it useful to revisit images and take another look - usually I change my mind about which ones I actually like! But it does give me a sense of perspective and whether I am actually improving as a photographer, so I encourage everyone to do the same if they can!

Bottled light

Portrait, part 2 by Laura Daly


To counter the Monday blues, I've compiled some more of the portraits I managed to shoot over the holidays. My style is generally more candid and environmental, so I rarely shoot posed images. However, it is always a challenge to photograph a 2 year old toddler, and some rather unwilling dogs! It was a great opportunity to practice my skills, and to get used to my new flash (Nikon SB-700).


Cooking christmas




All of the images above were captured using a Nikon D90, Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 and a Nikon SB-700.

I still have a lot to learn regarding my new speedlight, but I'm getting there...I hope!