Duxford Airshow - the planes

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post.  This slowly dawned on me whilst processing some film yesterday (post coming soon), the realization I had a ton of (I think) cool images of the planes flying at the airshow I visited a couple of months ago, which I blogged about in a couple of posts. As always at Duxford there was an amazing diverse range of aircraft flying.  Luckily, the cloud cover wasn't too thick so most could put on a full display.  I have picked out some of my favourites for you below.  Of course, there were many other photographers at the show, both professional and amateur alike.  Some were wielding enormous set-ups of big glass, top of the line bodies and monopods...I personally wouldn't be able to tolerate that on my small frame (I am actually in the middle of transitioning to a mirrorless set-up, more on this soon).

Anyway, here are the images, and I will leave it there.  I have some exciting posts coming up including my first attempts at shooting and home developing colour film, and an impending trip to Paris.  Hope to see you back soon!


Duxford Walkabout Part 2


Part 2 of the footage we captured at the Duxford American Air Show last weekend.  This video is for the aircraft lovers out there, with footage of the displays and some of the images I took that day as well.

I am still learning the basics of video editing (I only just got my GoPro) but I'm hoping it adds another perspective to my approach!  Again, this is more for my enjoyment and learning, but I hope you enjoy.

A full write-up of our visit (along with lots of images) is coming soon...