Promotional school photography by Laura Daly

A couple of months ago I shot some images for a local school's Open Evening advertising.  I had an eager bunch of bright eyed year 7 pupils, new to the school (it was their first week!) to act as models in various situations in the Science department.  The images had to be bright, interesting and showing the pupils enjoying their time in "lessons". 

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A day among the (virtual) clouds by Laura Daly

A few weeks ago now, we spent some time with Virtual Aviation at Cambridge airport.  They have a couple of Boeing 737-800 simulators that trainee pilots (and occasionally, newbies like us) use to practice flying - they are genuine simulators, set up to give you the same feel that the real aircraft would.  Very cool! Obviously, photographing in this environment would be very challenging, due to the low light and bright screens simulating the view out of the window.  But, I do enjoy a challenge, and luckily the low light performance of the Nikon D750 is just fantastic.  I dialed in an ISO of 3200 - easily manageable by the D750, producing very usable images - and started shooting.  Luckily, with it being a controlled environment, once you have the settings in manual, you can just shoot away as they are unlikely to change.  This makes it much easier to focus on composition and trying to get some more unusual looks.  My time was limited, as I was quickly roped into being a co-pilot for my husband!  However, I did get some nice documentary images of his first take-off, flight and landing at Heathrow.  So, as a slight change I decided to present these images as a photo story.  I hope you enjoy.

(A big thanks to Virtual Aviation for their hospitality and great tuition during our afternoon)

learning the ropes-1487Accelerate-1488Pete-1491Taking the controls-1489Easy, right--1494LHR landing-1501

Portrait, part 2 by Laura Daly


To counter the Monday blues, I've compiled some more of the portraits I managed to shoot over the holidays. My style is generally more candid and environmental, so I rarely shoot posed images. However, it is always a challenge to photograph a 2 year old toddler, and some rather unwilling dogs! It was a great opportunity to practice my skills, and to get used to my new flash (Nikon SB-700).


Cooking christmas




All of the images above were captured using a Nikon D90, Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 and a Nikon SB-700.

I still have a lot to learn regarding my new speedlight, but I'm getting there...I hope!