A Highland Adventure Part 3 by Laura Daly

Not all of Scotland is blurry water, foggy lochs and more blurry water (although my previous two posts might dispute that)...there is some BIG scenery to be shot. We were lucky (as holiday makers) to get some amazing weather up by Inverness this summer; however, not so lucky as a photographer! The lack of rain, even interesting cloud cover, made finding good light for landscape photography pretty difficult.

The sun burst through the clouds at just the right moment so that it lit up Inverness across the river.

I'm a big fan of going monochrome when the light is not so great, when the weather is a bit flat, but this view just seemed to scream black and white. I bumped up the blacks in Lightroom to get a more extreme contrast between the lit-up city and the dark hills surrounding it.

A view of the Nevis range from the Royal Marines Commando Memorial in the Highlands of Scotland.

I was slightly surprised by this shot in terms of how popular it would prove to be (Explored on Flickr - not that being Explored really "means" anything!). An image of the Nevis range from the Commando memorial, I struggled to get much contrast in the mountains at all. The light was hazy and diffuse, but still bright, so it was creating a weird soft-box-type effect. Not so great for landscapes - if only I had a portrait to shoot...