Self-review of 2014 by Laura Daly

After a not-so-long look at the images I have captured this year (I haven't gotten out with my camera as much as I would have liked), I decided to choose my 10 favourite images from the year. Of course, these are my ten favourite images TODAY; next week I may well choose a different ten! In any case, it was pretty useful to see what I had shot over the year, to see if I had improved, and to help me think what I might like to get out and shoot in the new year. So here are my ten favourite images from the year, from January through to December.

#1 - Beyond the sea

It was a bright day when the sun came out on the north Norfolk coast, so trying to get blur in the sea was not easy! I currently don't have a big stopper, which would have been ideal here. The filters I have (especially the cokin ones) create a horrible magenta cast, which I had to remove in Lightroom.

#2 - Le Tour

And was time for the tour to come by. So many photomotos accompanied the peloton.

#3 - Gendarmerie

The French sent over everything with the tour - their own police escort included!

#4 - Watery path (mono)

I originally uploaded this image in colour, but as part of my (kind of) self review, I had a re-edit of some images. Used a brush mask overlay to try and make the river a bit brighter to draw the eye.

#5 - Black water

This was the same river as #4 in the highlands of Scotland. Image was cropped slightly to remove a chunk of distracting sky.

#6 - Bowfiddle

Beautiful rock formation on the north-east coast of Scotland. Again using the Lee Little Stopper here. The sky was so bright, I could have really done with the Big Stopper!

#7 - Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen Falls - accessed via a lovely walk (about 30 minutes), with a slightly tougher section of stairs and slippery ground at the end. Worth it!

#8 - Light in the dark

The sun burst through the clouds at just the right moment so that it lit up Inverness across the river.

#9 - Concorde rear

The rear of a British Airways Concorde at the Scottish Museum of Flight. They had the rear wheel down, which helps show just how long this aircraft really is...

#10 - Purple Inverness

After a bit of work, many images can undergo a massive transformation in Lightroom.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford, UK by Laura Daly


A few weeks ago we made our second visit to the IWM Duxford, after the fantastic anniversary air show in the summer (for those of you who haven't been, there is a fantastic selection of aircraft on display, including a retired concorde!). Concorde cockpit

A great place to practice many different photography skills, like low-light, candid portraits and action shots of planes (during air shows). I've included some shots from the last air show we went to, including some images captured of the recreationists present on the day. Enjoy!


Loved ones




American Jeep - caught in the headlights


12 knots - lots of these old gauges were on sale at various stalls


Preparing the gear


WW2 American Classics


Stunt flying!


Concorde (?) formation of the Red Arrows


Making the turn


Red Arrows on display

All images captured using a Nikon D90 and 50mm f/1.8 and the Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6.