Location Scouting - #3 Switzerland by Laura Daly


Glaciers, mountain lakes, snow all year round and high mountain passes can only mean one thing - Switzerland. A beautiful country with such a varied landscape (and population; 4 different languages are officially recognised here!), the Swiss alps are a fantastic location for some summer landscape photography, and is high on our list of destinations.Mountain passes South Switzerland There are a huge number of amazing roads in southern Switzerland near the Italian border. Some of those passes are shown on the map above (I have included the names if you want to look them up yourselves). Looking on 500px, people have done some amazing work in this area, and I would love to go and try capture some of these landscapes myself. Again, just like Iceland, Switzerland is a location we are lucky to have in Europe (it is roughly 8-10 hours away from the UK, depending on route).

With the clear skies of the Alps and the low light pollution, the conditions would be great for some nightscapes and blue hour shooting. There are lots of relatively accessible mountain tops with great views over the rest of the Alps. Mountains and lakes

To make the most of this location, we would really need to be planning a visit of over a week. With so many potential locations for shooting, Switzerland should be on any landscape photographer's bucket list. [Thank you to the photographers whose images I used off 500px - your work really helps the rest of us when deciding "where next?"]

Location Scouting - #1 Iceland by Laura Daly


My husband and I are starting to think about where to go this summer break. Inevitably, I am drawn to the more interesting landscapes around the world; luckily my husband supports my endeavours! So, I've decided to talk about some of the possible locations here, as choosing where to go shoot is a common topic for discussion among togs.

#1 - Iceland

I went to Iceland way back in the early 2000s on an A-level Geography trip! It is a beautiful country, full of amazing opportunities for landscape shots.

As the UK is not all that far away from Iceland (from Luton it is only a 3 hour flight), and bearing in mind my recent fascination with all things Scandinavian, this location is high on our list of destinations. There is a lot of inspiration out there about specific locations on the island, and I've included a few of them above.