Self-review of 2014 by Laura Daly

After a not-so-long look at the images I have captured this year (I haven't gotten out with my camera as much as I would have liked), I decided to choose my 10 favourite images from the year. Of course, these are my ten favourite images TODAY; next week I may well choose a different ten! In any case, it was pretty useful to see what I had shot over the year, to see if I had improved, and to help me think what I might like to get out and shoot in the new year. So here are my ten favourite images from the year, from January through to December.

#1 - Beyond the sea

It was a bright day when the sun came out on the north Norfolk coast, so trying to get blur in the sea was not easy! I currently don't have a big stopper, which would have been ideal here. The filters I have (especially the cokin ones) create a horrible magenta cast, which I had to remove in Lightroom.

#2 - Le Tour

And was time for the tour to come by. So many photomotos accompanied the peloton.

#3 - Gendarmerie

The French sent over everything with the tour - their own police escort included!

#4 - Watery path (mono)

I originally uploaded this image in colour, but as part of my (kind of) self review, I had a re-edit of some images. Used a brush mask overlay to try and make the river a bit brighter to draw the eye.

#5 - Black water

This was the same river as #4 in the highlands of Scotland. Image was cropped slightly to remove a chunk of distracting sky.

#6 - Bowfiddle

Beautiful rock formation on the north-east coast of Scotland. Again using the Lee Little Stopper here. The sky was so bright, I could have really done with the Big Stopper!

#7 - Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen Falls - accessed via a lovely walk (about 30 minutes), with a slightly tougher section of stairs and slippery ground at the end. Worth it!

#8 - Light in the dark

The sun burst through the clouds at just the right moment so that it lit up Inverness across the river.

#9 - Concorde rear

The rear of a British Airways Concorde at the Scottish Museum of Flight. They had the rear wheel down, which helps show just how long this aircraft really is...

#10 - Purple Inverness

After a bit of work, many images can undergo a massive transformation in Lightroom.