American Cemetery, Madingley / by Laura Daly

Just to the west of Cambridge lies something you might not necessarily expect - an American WW2 cemetery. During the second world war, the University of Cambridge donated some land to the United States in order to establish a (then) temporary cemetery for their servicemen and women killed in action in the European and African theatres. Many of those buried there are from bomber squadrons, which often launched missions from bases in the UK. This is the only cemetery of its type in the whole country, and is a beautiful monument to those people who gave their lives for our freedom. Madingley-4312

It sometimes feels like a bit of a moral dilemma, to shoot or not to shoot in a place where people lie just below your feet. However, if done tastefully (which I think is the key here) there is a lot of beauty to be found in a place like this. Architectural interests, leading lines, lovely symmetry, little details telling a story; these can all be found here.


The American Cemetery in Madingley has a Memorial building near the entrance, with some lovely reflecting pools.




Above all else, this is a lovely, peaceful place to have a walk around, with some pleasing symmetries and neat rows of headstones. From a photographer's point of view, if the weather is slightly moody, it only makes the stark white crosses stand out even more.