Night-time shooting / by Laura Daly

I've had a little bit of time recently after work to go and shoot, although it has been so cold there is only so much time I can spend outdoors!To be honest its been a bit of a mixed bag. The first night, I managed to get a shot of Orion rising above a farm barn. This shot should have been OK, except I messed up the focus (the light was so low it was pretty hard to get it spot on!). orion 1 The moon was also bright that night, so it was pretty difficult to get a strong exposure of the stars. I also tried a stack of 10 or so images, each exposed for 20 seconds. PSE 11 made this a pretty difficult task, and I wasn't that pleased with the result...Although, even with the streaking, you can still tell it is the constellation Orion. I would like to do some more astrophotography in the future, and for this I will likely end up using DeepSkyStacker (something actually made for the job). stack 1 Tonight, I tried a different location. However, it was pretty cloudy so I decided to focus on some long exposure stuff, especially since I was near the local train line. catching the train This was a 15 second exposure at f/11 (16 mm). Due to the long shutter, I managed to capture both the train moving past and the lovely arcs made by the crossing barriers. So, its getting there, but I'd like to capture more of the night sky before we move into Spring.